World's End is a song by Dragonland and is the demo version of the regular version featured in the album, Storming Across Heaven (Demo Album) and as a "Japanese Bonus Track", along with the demo versions of Graveheart and Storming Across Heaven. This version of World's End's length is 6:04, and is rare, but not as rare as the other two, as it is included in The Battle of the Ivory Plains' Japanese release.


Eye to eye, with our destinies

Sword to sword, Will set one free

Light to darkness, The futures will be set

Darkness to light, This can't be the end

For hours we fought

Wounded and tired with no end in sight

The storm draws near

Upon the highest mountain we stand

Steel against steel as we strike yet again

Face to face we will fight to the end

Then a mortal blow brings me to my knees

All hope's gone, Dragonland is doomed

As I'm bleeding

My life is draining away

In a world now embraced by darkness

Evil's beginning to rise

Soon the world will come to an end and all good will die. Though the clan of dragons will survive

Someday in the future might a hero arise

But can they hold on for so long?

(Solo: O.M) (Solo: N.M) (Solo: O.M)

Yeahh!!!! High vocals (Heidgert) & Harsh vocals (Unknown)

Withered forests the homes of elves decayed

Crumbled mountains the dwarves will be no more

Shattered cities the humans slowly die

Pungent wastelands the dark ones marching on

Nothing is spared. All in their path will be destroyed

Their reign of terror. Has barely begun~!

Now the hordes of night begins their feast of victory

Burning down and slaying everything

Dark clouds cover the whole sky and black rain starts to fall and will do for ages come to pass

Hundred years have passed now it is time to strike back. Time to raise our swords and shields again

But who will lead us, the armies of the light this time?

In the den of dragons hope is born...!


  • This version of World's End is longer than the regular version, being that the demo version is 6:04 in length while the regular version is 5:26 in length
  • This song is much more rarer than that of the Demo Version of the songs "Disciples of Babylon", "Valley of the Damned", "Black Winter Night", "Revelations", "Starfire" and "Where Dragons Rule" by DragonForce, even though Dragonland and DragonForce's demo albums were released exactly the same year (2000).

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