The Battle of the Ivory Plains
Dragonland - The Battle Of The Ivory Plains
Released April 30, 2001
Recorded at Los Angered Recordings, Gothenburg, Sweden (Now "Sonic Train Studios", Varberg, Sweden)
Length 49:38
Label Black Lotus
Produced by Andy LaRoque

The Battle of the Ivory Plains, written as The battle of the ivory plains on the initial cover art, is Dragonland's first full-length album, which is based on the first part of The Dragonland Chronicles saga.

Track ListingEdit

All music is written by Dragonland unless otherwise noted.



  • Engineered by: Andy LaRocque
  • Mastered at: Athens Mastering House
  • Cover Art by: Chrille Andersson
  • Band Photos by: Sarah St. Clair Renard
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