Storming Across Heaven
Dragonland - Storming Across Heaven
Released 2000
Recorded May 1st - 3rd, 2000
Length 15:06
Produced by Christer Pederson

Storming Across Heaven is the name of Dragonland's demo album and serves as their debut into the Power Metal scene. It was self financed and produced by the band in Sweden at Studio Kingston. It was originally streamed and made available for free download as well as purchase as an enhanced CD on the popular music website .

Track ListingEdit


Credits Edit

  • Recorded at: Studio Kingston (May 1st-3rd, 2000).
  • Producer, Engineering, Mixing: Christer Pederson
  • Music & Lyrics: Nicklas Magnusson, Jonas Heidgert


  • The Demo did very well in the Power Metal charts alongside bands such as DragonForce (back then DragonHeart) and Power Quest on .
  • All three original Demo tracks were released as Bonus Tracks on the Hot Rockin' Records Japanese release of The Battle of the Ivory Plains.
  • The Demo Album is considered rare as not very many were purchased as physical CD's.
  • A Promo Demo was made prior to the Demo CD that contained different album artwork and the band's original logo in Calligraphy and is extremely rare as only a handful of copies were made by the band and submitted to Record companies to secure a recording contract.
  • Nicklas Magnusson has a tattoo of Dragonland's original calligraphy logo on his forearm.