スターフォール (Japan)
스타폴 (Korean)
流星歲月 (Chinese/Taiwanese)
Dragonland Starfall
Released October 27, 2004
Recorded at Division One Studios, Gothenburg, Sweden
Length 49:19
Label Century Media (Europe, North America)
King Records (Japan)
Rock Empire 摇滚帝國 (Taiwan)
Produced by Tom S. Englund of Evergrey, Arnold Lindbergh

Starfall (スターフォール, in Japan, 스타폴 (seutapol) in Korea, and 流星歲月 (Liúxīng Suìyuè, lit. The years of the Meteor) in Taiwan and China) is the fourth released album (third full-length) by Dragonland, and the first not to deal with "The Dragonland Chronicles". The music for Starfall was mainly written between May 2003 and July 2004 after arriving home from their 2003 Japan tour.

Track ListingEdit

Thematic MeaningsEdit

In an interview in 2004 with Metal Rules, guitarist Olof Mörck talked to Anders Sandvall, and in the interview Olof goes into detail about the "The Book of Shadows" trilogy and the story behind the songs:

-"The Book Of Shadows is a story told in three chapters, being an adventurous epic with a movie script like feel to enhance what’s going on in the music. It starts out in Oxford, Great Britain in the late 19th century with the finding of an ancient tome, known as The Book Of Shadows. The stories and secrets it contains eventually leads to sojourns to Egypt, and the terrible findings unleashed there, once again springs to life in the last part, which is set in modern day USA. The story I wrote for it is archaically momentous, containing more writing than both previous albums lyrics combined."-

The song "Calling My Name" contains sound clips by Charles Manson from the March 7, 1986 San Quentin Prison interview with Charlie Rose for CBS News Nightwatch.

"The Shores of Our Land" tells the story of a group of Vikings returning home after a successful battle. It includes a feast scene in the middle, which was recorded by a very intoxicated Dragonland.


Full Line-upEdit


Cover illustration by ToxicAngel

Additional design and layout by Media Logistics GmbH

All lyrical introductions by Olof Mörck

Story on track 9, 10 and 10 written by Olof Mörck


  • Mixed and Engineered by: Arnold Lindberg
  • Mastered by: Dragan Tanaskovic at Bohus Mastering, Sweden


  • Cover Art by [ ToxicAngel]
  • Band Photos by [ Olle Carlsson]
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