Alias(es) Sariel the Elf Princess
Sariel Le'erevan (assumed)
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Location Val'inthor
Family Elsydeon Le'erevan (father)
Duviel Le'erevan (mother)
Language(s) Elvish
Love Interest(s)
First Appearance ToBeAdded
Death N/A
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Voiced by Elize Ryd

"Sung by flutes of ivory
notes soar round the elder tree
stairs ascending to far up high
where golden leaves kiss the sky
— Sariel in Lady of Goldenwood

Sariel is an elf.


Whether or not her surname is Le'erevan, is unknown. It, however, can be assumed that since she is the daughter of Duviel Le'erevan, that her surname should as well, be Le'erevan.

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Role in Under the Grey BannerEdit

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