Protagonist (Unnamed)
Hw iconl
Alias(es) One With All
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location The Mithril Mountains
Family Protagonist's love (Holy War) (deceased)
Language(s) English / Language of Humans
Love Interest(s) Protagonist's love (Holy War)
First Appearance Majesty of the Mithril Mountains
Death One With All
Status at end deceased
Voiced by Jonas Heidgert

The protagonist of Holy War is the unnamed protagonist and Hero from the Mithril Mountains, acting a hundred years, following the failure and death of his predecessor. He succeeded past his failures to achieve victory and managed to not only defeat the enemy completely, as well as the core cause of the battles.

Synopsis / RoleEdit

Role in The Battle of the Ivory PlainsEdit

World's EndEdit

The final paragraph of World's End is the same passage as A Hundred Years Have Passed, foreshadowing the coming of the being who would eventually become One with All.

Role in Holy WarEdit

A Hundred Years Have PassedEdit

Just like the final paragraph of World's End, his coming is foreshadowed here.

Majesty of the Mithril MountainsEdit

The voice of the song, whether it be the perished hero or a dramatic narrator, speaks of the one that was raised in the halls of the Mithril Mountains, born to grant the people of Dragonland hope, and light.

Through Elven Woods and Dwarven MinesEdit


Holy WarEdit


Calm Before the StormEdit


Return to the Ivory PlainsEdit

Role in Under the Grey BannerEdit

He is used as a plot point in The Dragonland Chronicles: Part III.

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