Unnamed (Protagonist's lover)
Alias(es) (by Unnamed protagonist)
my true one
My precious love
my love
my beloved
my dear
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Family Protagonist (The Battle of the Ivory Plains) (husband, presumably)
Language(s) English
Love Interest(s)
First Appearance A Last Farewell
Death Unknown; assumed deceased by World's End
Status at end {{{status}}}
Voiced by Elize Ryd

"I'd give you the moon and sun if you'd stay with me.
If I gave you the world, would you stay here by my side?
— Protagonist's lover

The protagonist's love is a unnamed woman who is the love interest of the Unnamed protagonist. She is not to be confused with the love interest of their successor.

Role in The Battle of the Ivory PlainsEdit

Her sole appearance of the album is in A Last Farewell.

Unnamed protagonist of the album informs her that he must leave and follow his king's call, asking of her to not cry as he leaves, as he promises of his return.

She proceeds to beg him to stay, saying that she would do anything at any cost to have him by her side. She continues on to beg him to allow her to ride by his side. What becomes of her is unknown but it is clear that the protagonist rides to the plains without her by his side.

"Engraved by this despair-felt words, becoming a serene, wistful composed melody as they seperate temporarily, or so they thought...."
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