Unnamed (Protagonist's lover)
Alias(es) (by Unnamed protagonist)
my true one
My precious love
my love
my beloved
my dear
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Location Unknown
Family Protagonist (Holy War) (Husband, presumably)
Language(s) English
Love Interest(s) Protagonist (Holy War)
First Appearance Forever Walking Alone
Death Forever Walking Alone
Status at end {{{status}}}
Voiced by N/A (Most likely would have been Elize Ryd)

The protagonist's love is a unnamed woman who is the love interest of the Unnamed protagonist.

Role in Holy WarEdit

During the The Second Battle of the Ivory Plains, the protagonist took notice that the battle wasn't as bloody as the first one, as well as that the army was significantly smaller in size than as before. This was intitially though of as nothing, but after only not even a few hours of sleep, he awoke to in puzzling pang, with such immensely odious nightmares that bereft him of any and all instances of his calmness, triturating subtletly at his own sanity. Thus then, he'd felt an oddly mysterious feeling in his heart, it felt as if something had went full awry.