Olof Mörck
オロフ・モルク (Japanese)
Alias: Olle Morck
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Date of Birth: Dec 12th, 1981
Position: Guitars
Other Work(s): Nightrage, My Darling Dismay, Amaranthe

Olof Mörck (born on December 12, 1981 in Gothenburg, Sweden) is a guitarist of Dragonland. He is also in the bands Nightrage and Amaranthe. Along with Nicklas Magnusson and Jonas Heidgert, he is the usual writer of the band's albums' storylines. Other than Marios, he is the longest running member of Nightrage. More recently, he provided lead guitar work for the album, The Isolation Game by the band, Disarmonia Mundi

He was a guitarist of Nightrage guitar from 2006 up until 2011. In Disarmonia Mundi's album, The Isolation Game, he performed a guest guitar solo on the tracks Stepchild of Laceration and Losing Ground.

He is also the current guitarist and keyboardist of Amaranthe, he also served as their bass player briefly in 2009, until Johan Andreassen took up the position.

Album appearancesEdit

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With Dragonland Edit

Other appearances Edit

  • The History of Saints (Vanisher) - guest solo in track 5, Oceans.


His last name is sometimes misspelled as Morek

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