Nicklas Magnusson
Alias: Nicke
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Position: Guitar (former; 1999-2009)
Other Work(s): Prophanity

Nicklas Magnusson is one of the founding members of the Swedish Power Metal band Dragonland. He is also one of the main creators behind The Dragonland Chronicles concept story.

He was one of the band's original guitarists until after the release of Astronomy where he parted ways with his band. He was succeeded by Jesse Lindskog, who took Magnusson's place as the second guitarist.

Though he parted ways following Astronomy, he chose to contribute to the story concept for Under the Grey Banner, as he is credit under miscellaneous staff with the notage of "Original story concept".

Album appearancesEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Has a tattoo of Dragonland's original calligraphy logo as it appears on the Storming Across Heaven Promo Demo CD on his left forearm.
  • Was endorsed by Caparison Guitars Japan and was given a few custom Horus guitars all with gold hardware, Maple fret board, and custom Dragonland 12th fret inlay prior to his departure from Dragonland.
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