Mount Farnor is an area in the Dragonland Chronicles.


Originally known as Kayrgorn's tooth, Mount Farnor forms the tallest peak of the ridges known as the Fangs of Farloth. Indeed, it is known to be the highest peak in all of the Realms, its spiked shape being visible from all across the Highlands even into the borders of dwarven kingdoms. The peak has long held a strong significance for all eastern folk, and it was beneath its looming shadow that men took their first steps towards building a civilisation. The first pelt-clad men of Brisingard would sacrifice the first crop yield of the harvest year on its foothills, to olden gods more ancient than the peak itself.

Alas, as the first orcs were seen in the Eastern Lands, Mount Farnor provided soothing shadow for the children of the night, and there they multiplied nearly as fast as in the Darklands themselves. Mount Farnor and the Fangs of Farloth were soon swarming with netherkind, and the proud peak was not visited by sentient beings for hundreds of years. However, forseeing the impending doom before the First Battle of the Ivory Plains, Kettil III of house Kaygorn ordered the construction of the Century Horn. The mighty instrument was created to rally all free peoples of the Realms together in defense of their homes, and it was carved such as only a true Dragonborn could ever muster the lungs to blow it.

Following the defeat at the Ivory Plains, the final duel between the Dark One and the first Dragonborn was fought here, to the demise of the prophecised one. It i said that his armour and sword still gleams eerily in certain winter nights when the stars grow faint and the moon is obscured by darkened clouds.

In later days, there have been whispered rumours of a nameless fear that stalks the peak, as if guarding the Century Horn for his own wicked purposes. The rumours hold that to stand before the sacred horn you must pass the Trials of Mount Farnor...

Excerpt from ‘The Backbone of the Realms and other tales of the East’ ANNO CXLIII A.W.F II of Human reckoning.

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