Lady of Goldenwood
ゴールデンウッドの女 (full kanji)
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Appears On Under the Grey Banner
Track 7
8 (Bonus Track)
Length 4:16
Written By Olof Mörck & Elias Holmlid (Music)
Olof Mörck (Lyrics)
Preceded By The Black Mare (Normal Version)
At The Inn Of Éamon Bayle (Japanese Version)
Followed By Dûrnir's Forge

Lady of Goldenwood is the seventh track of Under the Grey Banner. It is the eighth track in the Japanese release.


Under the Grey BannerEdit

Normal LyricsEdit

["The eldest sages of our kin say that the seeds of Val'inthor were stars that came to fall even before the birth of the sun. For one who has gazed upon the majesty of the Elder Tree, who have heard the playful laughter of our kin sounding through the open sylvan glades or seen the ivory robes that my daughter bears within these lands, such myth may readily seem as truth. For although Duviel, my beloved daughter joyfully wore the studded leather garments of elven scouts she was the queen of our kind"]

Midwood in autumn moon

Dawning upon silver dew

shimmering like fireflies

and golden leaves from up high

striding up to me

The lady of goldenwood

in shrouds of pearls and palest white

though she bears the mark of the wilds

She's the queen of her kind

["Among the highest branches, above the temple alcoves my youngest daughter, the elven princess Sariel, often sat and sang hymns and ballads of olden lore and was little concerned with the heavy burden bestowed upon her family. Her favourite song was that of the magical ivory flutes of Niaranden, the Naiden children - the elfkind"]

Sung by flutes of ivory

notes soar round the elder tree

stairs ascending to far up high

where golden leaves kiss the sky

The lady of goldenwood

in shrouds of pearls and palest white

though she bears the mark of the wilds

She is the queen of her kind

For the longest time we expected you Ilmarion, "Islander".

Your story planted with the very seeds of Val'inthor

On our journey I answered you with only silence,

For the ever present shadow scoured the valleys and moors

Asking your name.

Man will rise as one under the First-born's law,

unholy war brings to demise to elf and dwarf

Second-born from the shores beyond,

in his sacrifice a prophecy is undone

When night retreats,

Thousands have fallen on ivory ground

Dragon Son,

there can be only one

The lady of goldenwood

with words of death and palest gloom

And now as I leave her behind,

She remains in my mind

The elves will follow you into the storm

But the aid of the dwarves you must seek on your own

For I hold no sway over hearts of stone

Japanese LyricsEdit























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