Jonas Heidgert
Alias: Heggan
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Date of Birth: May 24th, 1977
Position: Lead Vocalist, Former Drummer
Other Work(s): Dragonland, Destiny, Opera Diabolicus, Made In Iron
Relatives: Daughters Vilma and Leona

Jonas Heidgert is one of the founding members of the Swedish Power Metal band Dragonland. He is the Lead Vocalist and one of the main creators behind The Dragonland Chronicles concept story, he was also the band's Drummer until 2002. He is also the current Lead Vocalist for 80's Swedish Heavy Metal band Destiny and tribute bands Made In Iron and Metal Monarchs. Furthermore, he provided choir and backing vocals on Opera Diabolicus debut album 1614.

Album Appearances Edit

Apart from his main band Dragonland, Jonas has also provided Lead and backing vocals for other bands.

With Dragonland Edit

With Destiny Edit

With Opera Diabolicus Edit

  • 1614 - Choir and Backing Vocals

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