Jesse Lindskog
イェッセ・リンズコグ (Japanese)
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Date of Birth: December 23rd, 1971
Position: Rhythm Guitarist (current)
Drummer (former)
Other Work(s): Dreamland

Jesse Lindskog Is the current Rhythm Guitarist for Dragonland taking over the second Guitar spot after the departure of Nicklas Magnusson in 2009 when he left the band. He originally joined the band in 2003 taking over Drums for Jonas Heidgert and made his album debut with the band on the 2004 release Starfall as the drummer. Prior to his joining the band Robert Willstedt of Swedish Heavy Metal band Moonlight Agony filled in on Drums for Dragonland's live shows during 2003. In 2009 Jesse Lindskog switched to Rhythm Guitars during live shows while Morten Lowe Sorensen of Amaranthe filled in on Drums. Jesse Lindskog made his album debut as the second Guitarist on the 2011 release of Under the Grey Banner.

Album appearancesEdit

Apart from Dragonland, Jesse Lindskog has also played Drums for other bands.

With Dragonland Edit

With Nostradameus Edit

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  • Is a graduate from the Musicians Institute of Los Angeles, California.
  • Is a Washington Redskins fan.
  • Performed guest Guitar Solo on the Japanese/Korean Bonus Track from Starfall on the X-Japan cover song 'Rusty Nail'.
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