Ivory Shores
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Appears On Under the Grey Banner
Track 12
13 (Bonus Track)
Length 3:18
Written By Elias Holmlid & Olof Mörck (Music)
Olof Mörck (Lyrics)
Preceded By Under the Grey Banner
Followed By None

Ivory Shores is the twelfth track of Under the Grey Banner. It is the thirteenth track in the Japanese release.


Under the Grey BannerEdit

Normal LyricsEdit

["After a moonlit night three small elven ships were drifting into the nameless sea beyond the eastern shores, over and into molten silver touched by the crimson of a bloodsoaked sunset. They carried a fallen Elf-Queen, one young dwarf but also the brother of the Islander, cleansed and redeemed in the very last moments before his death. People all across the Realms rose from tyranny with merry laughter, the fauns of the Northern Woods once more played their piping flutes, the highland folk dared once more travel with wooden carts to trade with their kinsmen of the west - but while most had lost something and gained so very much, the Islander now had lost everything. And so he came to wander. He wandered for weeks. He wandered for years, always to the south. Ever to the south..."

Excerpts from "The Islander, First Book" by Elsydeon Le'erevan ANNO CIXLII A.W.F II]

Une, iü sya nilëa (sleep, for it's late)

Neue nieau ilië oseni 'a (rest, weary of the vowes of day)

Iü sya nilëa (for it's late)

Sieheë c'it aï (tomorrow is closer to me)

Someday you'll see

Forever I'm yours

Once more we'll be

On the Ivory Shores

Urue, n' iü ar nie'lie (wake then, for it's not to late)

Seï r'uhni hinë, (you, have fought enough)

Seï aï'a naraou sïnea (you, I have seen in my dream)

Ni hu aï' yë ie ehe nëa (meet me on the other side)

Sieheë c'it aï (tomorrow is closer to me)

Some day you'll see

Forever I'm yours

Once more we'll be

On the Ivory Shores

Ni'ahnë (when it's time)

Japanese LyricsEdit


エルシディオン・レエレヴァン「The Islander, First Book」から ANNO CIXLIII A.W.F. II





Japanese Lyrics (TranslationEdit

「月明かりに照らされた一夜が明けて、妖精の船3隻が東側の海岸の先にある名も無き海へと進んでいた。その海はまるで溶けた銀に血で染められた深紅の夕日が乗っていたかのようにも見えていた。船には命を落とした妖精の女王、若い少人一人、そして死ぬ間際に浄化され、甦った島人の兄弟も乗っていた。王国の人々は暴政から解放され笑いに満ちていた。北の森の牧神たちは再び笛を吹き、高地の人々は木製の手押し車を使い再び西の親類たちと商売を始めた。しかし、何かを失いながらも多くを得ることができた人々と異なり、島人全てを矢ってしまった。彼は彷徨った。彼は何週間も彷徨った。何年も彷徨った。いつも南へ。 いつまでも南へ…」

Elsydeon Le'erevan "The Islander, First Book" from ANNO CIXLIII A.W.F. II

Someday I expect to see you, too

I am yours forever

Once more, we

will return to the Ivory Shores



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