Ilmarion the Islander
Alias(es) Ilmarion the Islander
The Dragon's Son
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Family King of Westmar (brother)
Language(s) English
Love Interest(s) Unknown
First Appearance Ilmarion (mention only)
The Tempest
Death N/A
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Voiced by Jonas Heidgert

"No! I'm filled with the wrath of a god, ignited by a righteous flame!"
— Ilmarion
"Die! I make you pay for your crimes, red, the grey banner dyed!"
— Ilmarion to his brother

Ilmarion is the protagonist of The Dragonland Chronicles Part III', Under the Grey Banner.


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An unseen excerpt was posted on the band's Facebook page on September 19, 2013 :

"Crystalline galaxies and prismatic clusters of stars engulfed Ilmarion, as he shifted forms into a thousand different beings at once, with all the knowledge of the aeons sifting through him. Yet, he could not remember. Just one aspect of the Universe obscured to him; his own self, his name and his past.

Every night he had searched for clues and signs, and lately; the orchid-scented opiates had allowed him to dream in the day too. But for naught, he was nowhere nearer an answer. Not until one dream, when a twisted being in the shape of a great Elephantine Star-God with a thousand eyes spoke to him.

As he awoke, he did not remember a word uttered, but his heart had been filled with great longing to travel across the Great Sea.

It possibly foreshadows a sequel to Under the Grey Banner. It also seems to resemble a similar situation used in One With All.