Hundred Years Have Passed
100年の歳月が流れ (Hyakunen no Saigetsu ga nagare) (Full kanji, Unofficial)
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Appears On Holy War
Track Opening (1)
Length 2:24
Written By Elias Holmlid (Music)
Followed By Majesty of the Mithril Mountains

Hundred Years Have Passed is the first track of Dragonland's second full-length album, Holy War. The music of the song was written by Elias Holmlid. It's name is also sometimes wrote as A Hundred Years Passed.


Normal LyricsEdit

"A hundred years have passed, now it is time to strike back

Time to raise our swords and shields again

But who will lead us, the armies of light this time?

In the den of dragons hope is born..."

Japanese LyricsEdit






1000 years pass, Now the time of counterattack has come

The time to rise again and put up our swords and shields

But who will lead us, the army of light?

Hope sprouts in a cave [where] a dragon is latent.


  • The timeframe of this song from 0:36-1:05 can be heard during the following lines in Under the Grey Banner:
So we are free
Wake from a dream
Glorious deed
But she's lost unto me
See, all will rise
From lands to the sea
But forever she'll live on in my memory
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