Grimmdane Skullcleaver
Alias(es) Unknown
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Family Unknown
Language(s) Dwarvish
Love Interest(s) None
First Appearance Unknown
Death None
Status at end Alive
Voiced by Elias Holmlid

Grimmdane Skullcleaver is a dwarf. He is based on an old player character from Baldur's Gate 2, Neverwinter nights and its add-on adventures Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark. That character was initially created for BG2, but also then played in the sequels. His character was fleshed out more and more for every adventure, beginning as a quite common dwarf who enjoyed adventure but in time turning into a rather psychotic chaotic evil being who when infused by "whusky" often attacked random strangers who he thought "looked at him funny". The following is a description of that, evolved Grimmdane character:

Big and burly, short in temper and with a greed for gold and glory, He has that in common with his dwarven kin. Uncommon for dwarfs though, he cares nought for his clan and name, and is mostly shunned by other dwarfs. He's only true companion is Elsydeon the elf, whom he has adventured with throughout Fäerun many times in the past. Grimmdane sports a massive fiery orange beard and even though he is bald, he also has a thick and long pony tail. Both hair and beard is uncommonly poorly groomed for being a dwarf. His head is full of scars and his eyes are deep, emerald green. Not many can stand his piercing gaze for long, though noone in their right mind would ever stay in his presence longer than necessary anyways. Grimmdane is a berserker wearing little to no armor and wields a warhammer in one hand and a dwarven battle-axe in the other; the hammer he calls "the crusher" and the axe he named "the cleaver". Much can be said of Grimmdane, but he's not very imaginative (unless it's daydreaming about gold and battle). When struck by bloodlust, he charges into the fray and starts swinging his weapons in all directions, not separating friend from foe.

Role in Under the Grey BannerEdit

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