Duviel Le'erevan
Alias(es) Duviel the Elf Queen
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Location Val'inthor
Family Elsydeon Le'erevan (father)
Sariel (daughter)
Language(s) Elvish
Love Interest(s) Unknown
First Appearance Shadow Of The Mithril Mountains
Death N/A
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Voiced by Anna Mariann Lundberg

"Shored cruel skies, dawn at midnight
One inch of silver would divide us
Rise, Ilmarion, and honor your sacrifice!
Claim the power of the iluminus gods
granted as your right!
— Duviel to Ilmarion

Duviel Le'erevan is an elf. Her character, and more notably, her voice is a reference to Galadriel, and elf in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

Role in Under the Grey BannerEdit

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