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Dragonland Chrn. Scholars/Interpreters needed!
Dragonland obsessers who can give information on the wiki regarding the story behind and of the Dragonland Chronicles, please do so. In particular, On whether Ilmarion from Part 3 is the same person as the main character in Part 1 and Part 2. Finding insider information from the band is rare, but if has been done by anyone, applying said info would be greatly appreciated (i.e: the name of the protagonist in Holy War, or even the name of said protagonist's love from A Last Farewell and Forever Walking Alone. Please include encounter of the info or even a source if possible to validate authenticity. - Aeris97 15:39, July 01, 2013 (UTC)
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Dragonland Holy War

"Holy War is the fourth track of Dragonland's third released album, which has the same name. It is often confused with being a DragonForce song. Its lyrics were written by Jonas Heidgert".

Teasers on the official Dragonland Facebook page
In summer 2017, hints about the preparations of a prospective new album (expected release date unknown) appeared on the band's Facebook page, including the lyrics of a new song and two videos of the members brainstorming said song.


Dragonland to perform at Evokenfest 2018 in Japan

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