Location of Origin Gothenburg, Sweden
Genre(s) Symphonic power metal
Years active 1999-present
Record Label(s) Black Lotus (1999-2004)
Century Media (Europe, North America)
King Records (Japan)
Associated Bands
Website Official Site (dis-continued)
Current Members Jonas Heidgert, Olof Mörck, Elias Holmlid, Jesse Lindskog, Johan Nunez, Anders Hammer
Past Members Daniel Kvist, Magnus Olin, Robert Willstedt, Nicklas Magnusson, Christer Pederson

Dragonland is a Symphonic Power Metal musical group from Sweden. Dragonland is most known for basing their two first albums upon the self-produced The Dragonland Chronicles fantasy saga and for the original symphonic/electronic parts by Elias Holmlid. Nightrage's Marios Iliopoulos and Dead by April's Jimmie Strimell have provided guest appearances on their fourth album, Astronomy.


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Their name is Dragonland mainly.

In Japan it is written as ドラゴンランド (doragonrando). In Korea, their name is written as 드래곤랜드 (deulaegon laendeu).


In Taiwan it is written differently, depending on the album. If the album is Starfall, it is written as 蟠龍聖地 (Pánlóng Shèngdì, lit. Coiled dragon Holy Land). If the album is Holy War, Astronomy, or Under the Grey Banner, it is written as 龍之國度樂團 (Lóng Zhī Guódù Yuètuán), meaning Kingdom of Dragons Band. If the album is The Battle of the Ivory Plains, then it is written as 龍之國度 (Lóng Zhī Guódù), meaning Kingdom of Dragons.

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