"Your eyes are cold, I see it clearly
There's something that's all wrong
Your silence it speaks, I feel it sadly
That we should part our ways

Can you look into my eyes
And not see the sadness they hold
Can you take me in your arms, just for a while
And tell me, this is all gone
— Forever I'll Be (Supreme Majesty)

Christian Andersson, sometimes credited as Chrille Andersson is a musician, songwriter and albumwork artist.

He has also provided work as a musician for numerous bands, chiefly of "dark"-type metal in the works. In 1996, he provided Keyboards, Bass, Backing vocals, and the logo for Non Serviam's debut demo album, Between Light And Darkness.In 1997, he provided drums and vocals in the two demo albums of Infernal, "Evil Gathering", and "Killing the Weak", a band which later changed their name to Hellspell. Also in 1997, he provided guitars and vocals for Mortum on their two demo albums, The Everlasting, and The Goddess of Dawn, as well as providing backing vocals, bass, and keyboards for Non Serviam's first full-length albums Between Light and Darkness, as well as the two demo albums (The Witches Sabbath - The Second Vision and The Witches Sabbath) that followed it. In 1998, he provided vocals and guitars for Mortum's final two release, their full-length album The Druid Ceremony and their demo album Promo 1998, he also in that year provided keyboards, backing vocals, and bass for Non Serviam's 1998 album, Necrotical. In 1999, he performed vocals and drums for Hellspell (renamed from Infernal) in their sole two albums, Warlust (their demo album), and Devil's Might, due to their split after Devil's Might in 2000. Then, also in 1999, he provided keyboards and guitars for Supreme Majesty's debut EP, Divine Enigma. In 2000, he provided backing vocals, bass, and keyboards for Non Serviam's latest release before they put the band on hold, the Single Play God. In 2001, he performed Keyboards and guitars, as well as Lyrics for the track Forever I'll Be, for Supreme Majesty's first ever full-length album, Tales of a Tragic Kingdom. Then, in 2003, he provides guitars and keyboards, along with writing "By Your Side", in Supreme Majesty's album, Danger. His last provision was in 2005, where he provided backing vocals with keyboards in Supreme Majesty's latestly-released album, Elements of Creation.

He joined the band known as The Darksend at an unknown date. It can be determined to be somewhere in the range of from 1999 to 2002. Since Martin Thorsén was their drummer from 1991 until being replaced by Magnus "El Mago" Hoff in 1997 to 1998, and through the period of 1999 to 2002, Per Christoffersson and Christian Andersson joined the band but at unknown ranges.