Title of Song
Image (whether it be the Album's cover art, or if it's a single, place here the cover art of the single..
Appears On The song's album appearance.
Track The track number of the song on said album.
Length Length of song/track.
Written By Band member / Individual whom wrote the lyrics to the song
Band member / Individual whom wrote the music of the song.
Produced By Producer of the song (if at all applicable, ..usually isn't.)
Preceded By the preceding track
Followed By the succeeding track

Name is the ___th track of Dragonland's _chronological number of album release order_ full-length album, _album_. The music of the song was written by _member_, and it's lyrics were written by _member_. _What this song portrays_.


_Name of Album_Edit

Normal LyricsEdit

_Insert Normal Lyrics here_

Japanese LyricsEdit

_Insert Japanese Lyrics here; note that this section should be excluded if none of the Japanese releases of the album does not include a Japanese Booklet (i.e. : Starfall's Japanese release contains only one booklet, being that of the regular release, no Japanese booklet is included. However, for Under the Grey Banner, it contains a Japanese Booklet that contains the lyrics of the entire album's release translated into japanese, plus the English lyrics of At The Inn Of Éamon Bayle (which was not provided in the regular release's booklet), and At The Inn Of Éamon Bayle's said provided lyrics then translated into Japanese, and a Preface / Foreword and an Afterword, all in addition with slightly altered English booklet identical to the booklet of the regular release, the only difference being the credition at the bottom part of the back of the booklet.

Be also aware that pasting the regular release's lyrics into Google Translator or Weblio does not count as the Japanese lyrics. If you are Japanese and are willing to translate it yourself, feel free. But, please, please, please, them in an article that corresponds correctly with this title: songtitle/Fan-translations._

Japanese Lyrics; Translation Edit

_This is to be placed only if the preceding section, Japanese Lyrics is added, if Official Japanese lyrics are not officially released, then this section should be excluded, much like the Japanese Lyrics section.

Further on to this, Translations must not be the Normal Lyrics pasted into here. Just because it is in Japanese doesn't mean that they will always be the same as the regular release's Lyrics.

For example, :

The final set of lines of The Tempest

Spirits of the sea

Harken unto me

The tempest made me see

What must be

海の魂 (Umi no tamashī) : Souls of the Sea(s)

俺に思い起こさせる (Ore ni omoinokosaseru) : Reminds me / Harks back to me

大嵐が俺に気づかせた (Ōarashi ga ore ni kidzukaseta) : [The] Tempest / Raging Storm made me aware / [The] Tempest / Raging Storm made me come back to my senses

成させるべきことを (Nasaseru beki koto o) : What should be formed ( to make form; 成す: to build up; to establish / to form; to become (a state) | -should | (word used for the nominalization of verbs, adjectives, or phrases) | (accusative case particle) | )



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